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By   January 21, 2015

There are many different souls and spirits who hike and walk the Great Sauk Trail, and as part of the elite Council that makes up this wonderful tribe of people – we love to give ideas and share innovative ways to generate a living so you can hike the world’s greatest trials when you want how you want with who you want.

If you are intent on making money online, then there is a good chance you have heard of iPAS 2. If not, then you have at least heard of Empower Network, if you are not a member yet, that is. Simply put, iPAS 2 is a system designed to make your position as an Empower Network member to more.

The iPAS 2 Digital Franchise Business Program Review

ipas2 business centerWe get asked regularly here about what it takes to discover yourself and “find a better way”. We are all about providing enhancements and advancements towards building a better life by finding a better way. One of the best methods and tactics we have found that can give you the personal and time freedom to create the life you want (and hike Great Sauk Trail obviously) is by using and leveraging a system that goes to work for you, and builds your business and brand all at the same time.

What is This Opportunity by Leader Chris Jones?

Although selling online can be an excellent source of income, the fact is that there is a limit to what you can do and learn in the industry. Have you ever wanted to do more but the 24 hours of time each day is not enough? This is where the praised and passion-driven iPAS 2 opportunity comes in – the system maximizes your sales by providing an arm of tried-and-tested help. Created by Chris Jones together with his friend and co-founder Chris Campbell, the two managed to create a system guaranteed to give 6-figure income for online businessmen.

Features of iPAS 2: How it Works

iPAS 2 is a Digital Franchise Business program which means that it acts more like a service instead of a product. The features are as follows:

• Front end sales all pay 70% – bigger than any other system there is
Real Time Chat
• Upsell and training of leads are taken over by professional assistants and coaches without added expense on your part
• Customized email address
• New member training done live with the aim to incite excitement and motivation from your team
• In-depth campaign tracking

iPAS 2 works using 3 basic thoughts: system, leverage, and automation. The system itself is the design of how things work followed by leverage – your basic efforts being doubled or tripled through your team. iPAS 2 makes this possible by providing the coaching and training your team needs to multiply their output. Finally, there is the automation wherein the system and leverage are repeated to create an unstoppable business income funnel system.

Pros and Cons of Internet Marketing Success System

• The setup is remarkably easy and the system requirements are practically non-existent
• The design is simple and easy to manipulate
• For Empower Network members, you get to combine all products from Empower Network and make the purchasing process simpler
• The in-depth tracking is particularly useful since it helps you figure out which marketing techniques are working and which are not. With this tool, you would be able to focus on the more productive parts of the process instead of wasting your time.
• CON: It was originally created for Empower Network’s Prosperity Team. If you’re not an EN member, then you might not fully get this product’s potential.

Feedback and Complaints

So far, there have been no complaints about how the product works, and the feedback has been more than satisfactory. Those who managed to reach their limit in Empower Network when it comes to time that can be devoted on the project noted that with iPAS2, they have managed to extend their prospects a bit more. In fact, the automation process managed to lower the amount of time they need to spend on the project even while increasing their profits.

Moving Forward in 2015

To wrap it up, iPAS 2 Digital Franchise Business Program is definitely something online marketers should get if they want to take that one more step forward between a 3-figure income to a 6-figure one. Turn your small-time online business to something that can help you retire early.

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