Pure Forskolin Extract In The News (Energy Supplement)

By   March 6, 2015

Great Saul Trail is one of the world’s best places for hikers and outdoors-minded people. And naturally we get a lot of inquiries about how to endure the hike for the entire day, needing mental and physical energy and stamina and so we complied a list of good candidates to consider for your camping trips and hikes.

There is one all natural supplement which we believe can help achieve exactly what you are looking for and get it in a purified way.

Pure Forskolin Extract For Energy

Much of the interest surrounding forskolin extract stems from its’ appearance on The Dr. Oz Show. America’s seemingly favorite doctor pronounced that forskolin was “lightning in a bottle” and forskolin took off. Since then a lot of products and companies have been advertising forskolin in many ways that falsely represent forskolin. To clear the air, this is exactly what Dr. Oz had to say about forskolin extract.

Now, while our Great Saul Trail members might sense sarcasm, it is worth noting that this coleus forskohlii root extract does come from the flower and mint family plant.

pure forskolin extract

What Is Pure Forskolin Extract?

Forskolin has actually appeared on The Dr. Oz Show a few times now. First, forskolin was featured on an episode titled “Belly Blasting Supplements. Forskolin was featured in this episode along with four other supplements. Dr. Oz explained that forskolin is actual an extract from a plant in the root family. He explained a little bit about forskolin and called it lightning in a bottle.

Dr. Oz then featured forskolin on an episode called Rapid Belly Plan. Using a balloon demonstration, Dr. Oz explained that forskolin works like a furnace within the body. Dr. Oz lit the balloon and the balloon disappeared, leaving only muscle behind. Dr. Oz explained that forskolin leaves the belly toned while helping to shed away pounds of belly fat.

He quoted a 12-week study where participants lost a significant amount of belly fat and gained muscle mass and bone mass. The end result is a much more toned and slim body.

Forskolin – Does it Really Work?

We’ve done some extra research on Dr. Oz’s sources and we actually have found the study we believe to be the study Dr. Oz referred to. The results of the study would indicate a favorable shift a body composition, meaning that fat mass was lost and muscle mass was gained.

The one thing we could not find is the specific details of the study. We don’t know exactly how much muscle mass was gained or how much fat was lost. All we know is that participants who completed the study did increase their muscle mass and decrease their fat loss. While we’d prefer if there were more details about the study, we can only go by what we have and the evidence we have would suggest forskolin is legitimate.

Forskolin Dosage

Forskolin is best taken in the morning before breakfast. You should take 125mg of forskolin roughly 30 minutes before you eat and you’ll want to make sure that your supplement contains at least 10% forskolin, although 20% is better.

Dr. Oz specifically recommends inspecting the label to also make sure the dosage and ingredients are correct. This will provide you with a supplement that is both effective and safe for you to take.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to see how Dr. Oz’s words could become misinterpreted and misunderstood. Forskolin is an effective fat burner and it can help you shed extra pounds of fat without making any radical changes to your diet or exercise habits. We’ve seen thousands of people lose weight with forskolin and if you find a high quality forskolin supplement, then there’s a good chance you’ll lose weight too.

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