Can X800 Tactical LED Flashlights Help You In An Outdoor Path?

By   February 3, 2016

buy a tactical LED flashlightWith the rise in cases of terrorism and theft, there is need to have a more advanced form of the brightest light that can deter them. It is worth noting that there are several tactical flashlight to choose from, including Shadowhawk X800 that can be used in self-defense. Such devices can be your perfect companion that assist you to explore dark places of your home.

When choosing a tactical flashlight, it is essential to consider the following: durability, brightness, size, cost, versatility and more. Apart from choosing a flashlight that suit your needs and budget, you should keep a variety of flashlights in your home, in different locations, so that you can get to them in any form of crisis or emergency in the dark.

What Is A Tactical Flashlight?

A tactical flashlight refers to device used in conjunction with a firearm, especially during the dark night. In other words, it is a mission-vital piece of equipment suitable for any operation, and can mounted to a gun for low light shooting. Here are the top leading brands available on the market today: Steamlight, Shadowhawk, Pelican, Fenix, Surefire, Brite Strike, Blackhawk and more.

The Shadowhawk X800 Top Tactical Flashlight

This is one of the best flashlight that is worth every cent of your money. The Shadowhawk X800 LED technology is a sophisticated flashlight, which is made of aircraft aluminum. It comes with a powerful disorienting strode mode, which allows an individual to flash a blinding strode light into the burglar’s eyes, leaving them disoriented far beyond belief.

XPE LED Flash Light

If you have been looking for the most powerful as well as bright bulbs on the market, then look no further than Shadowhawk X800. Moreover, X800 has up to 800 lumens of illuminating power along with a waterproof of a depth of 6 feet for about half an hour.

Other features include aircraft-grade aluminum, military –grade seldf-defense, 5 telescopic zoom focusing beam technologies and more.

Shadowhawk X800 works by disorienting the assailant and making him or her temporarily blind. The strode mode allows you to flash a blinding strode light into the assailant’s eyes.The strode mode feature plays an important role to ruin assailant’s eye sight, therefore they cannot see, giving you advantage to attack or flee if need be.

You can use a flashlight as a personal defense tool for low light shooting. It can help you to identify and aim your target in the dark. Whenever you come across a likely threat, shine your tactical light directly in the eyes of your attacker to disorient him or her. This will make the attacker semi-blind giving you enough time to attack or run away.

Reasons Why You Should Carry a Tactical Flashlight

There are several reasons why one should carry a tactical flashlight for self-protection. These reasons includes:

–Ease of use
–They can be used as an improvised weapon
–Tactical flashlights are flexible
–You do not have to train to use them
–Use of these weapons is not prohibited across the world

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